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Saturday, March 25, 2017

9 Misconceptions Of Entrepreneurs

There are many different misconceptions in life. Many. The meaning of misconception is a thought or an opinion that is incorrect, because the a it is based on faulty thinking or understanding. And misconceptions tend to prevent people from doing things that could benefit them. So today, I want to clarify nine misconceptions of entrepreneurs.

#1: Entrepreneurs are Born - 0:49

#2: You Have to Cheat or Steal to Win as an Entrepreneur - 2:00

#3: They Got Lucky - 3:10

#4: Entrepreneurs are Selfish - 4:45

#5: All You Need is a Great Idea and Product - 6:36

#6: All You Need is to Raise Capital - 7:35

#7: They All Had Great Initial Connections - 8:42

#8: It Takes Massive Risk - 9:47

#9: Entrepreneurs are Their Own Boss - 10:47

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