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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Becoming A Successful Small Business Owner...The Dream Of Many And The Fantasy Of Most

Small business ownership is a simple concept. Ideas are easy and information is free. Implementation, however, is neither.

Fulfillment of ideas and the usage of information to pursue prosperity with your business is hard, some days very hard. And, if you're not pursuing prosperity, why have a small business anyway?

If you're a small business owner or are thinking intensely about a "dream business to own", you're most likely swimming in a sea of infinite ideas and surfing in an ocean of information.

There's just no end and never will be when it comes to ideas and information. So, that brings us to the third part of the equation -- implementation.

Implementation, the kind that is real, is a day in and day out, systematic powerhouse activity that separates the dreamers from the doers.

The word implement is both a noun and a verb. As a noun it means an instrument, tool or piece of equipment. As a verb, it means to perform, fulfill, put into action, satisfy or to complete.

One hundred years ago, an implement when used as a noun was most likely a tangible object such as farm equipment that made the family farm more efficient or a printing press used by the local newspaper to get the morning paper on the stands. Even a sewing machine was considered an implement for the industrious neighborhood seamstress working from home, sewing custom clothing for the well-to-do ladies in town.

Today, a piece of accounting software is an implement for the industrious stay at home Mom doing bookkeeping when her little ones are asleep for hard-won small business clients or online based free image software for the graphic artist working weekends earning a full-time income in his or her part-time business.

Implement when used as a verb is where success wakes up and comes alive. It's also where you'll find the greatest temptation to instead retreat to the land of nod and drift away into a fairyland of ideas and information overload that quickly becomes your worst nightmare.

Some say implementation is hard but the reality is that it's easy. Very easy. Easy to do and easy not to do!

Participate daily in the easy to do version. Stay away from the other. Here are three examples for one and four for the other:

Easy to do implementation:

  • Create a simple written plan that includes numbers. Why? Because numbers don't lie. Numbers always tell the truth and show your full picture in a fast and concise manner.

  • Create three systems - one for acquiring and retaining customers, one for the production and delivery of your product and one for the financial administration of your business. Why? Because all wealth is based on systems. With wealth, your business has health. Without, it is dead.

  • Execute your written plan and systems daily. Be accountable to your numbers from MORNING TO MIDNIGHT.

Easy not to do implementation:

  • Succumb to fear and procrastinate by not acquiring new customers. Saying "I'll tackle that tomorrow".

  • Search social media to "give yourself a break" or "A good laugh will help me now so I need to see that YouTube of a baby laughing".

  • Starting your day with no system to follow.

  • Stay isolated and away from other like-minded individuals.

If you're reading this article and have gotten to this point, I congratulate you. You're serious about what it takes to implement (verb) and implement (noun)! I believe in you and that you can be successful.

Not sure what to do next? Sometimes a good business coach can direct you to the next step. Contact me. I'd love to give you 20-30 minutes of FREE business coaching. No obligation and no strings attached.

Remember this: "A business is a repeatable system that makes a profit. A healthy business is a repeatable system that makes a healthy profit." Anything else is a bad dream.

If you're thinking about small business ownership, turn your dream into doing and wave goodbye to your fantasy as it flies out the window.

By Mary Theresa McLean

Mary Theresa McLean is an entrepreneur, small business specialist in marketing and a small business coach. She has been self-employed since October 28, 1983.

A deep understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset and a deep love for those who have that mindset puts her at a unique advantage to advise anyone at any age on how to get to the next level of expertise in their chosen enterprise.

Contact her: http://www.MorningToMidnightMarketing.com for free business coaching.

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