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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Email Marketing For Churches

Billboards, flyers, a marquee on the lawn…these can’t greet new visitors, keep members updated and answer people’s questions. Email can. Let us show you how.

In the past, people stayed in the faith communities they grew up in. Now, they travel for college and jobs, explore their religious options and choose their spiritual home based on research and personal preference.

And with the the new media blitz of the Information Age, churches struggle to attract members in traditional ways. There’s usually not a lot of room in the budget for an advertising campaign.

Plus, there’s only so much one can get across in a billboard. How can someone tell if a church is a good fit in terms of worship style, dress code and doctrine from a picture and a line of text?

How Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Religious Organization

Churches need new marketing. They need new ways to present what they’re all about so spiritual seekers can see if they’re the perfect fit.

They also need ways to make new members feel like part of the community, so they keep coming back.

And for their dedicated members, they need ways to encourage focusing on spiritual matters throughout the week until the church meets again.

Email marketing can help with all of that.

In This Guide, You’ll Learn:

•how real-life churches get people (both members and strangers) to sign up for their emails
•how a church can be active online even without its own web site
•how to keep your emails from becoming (or being seen as) spam
•how the different types of email messages can help you serve new visitors and long time members differently
•ideas for different types of content to keep your newsletter fresh and
•examples of how churches use email to strengthen their faith communities

To download your free Guide To Email Marketing For Churches click on the below link:

Email Marketing For Churches

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