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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Is Your Email Newsletter Ready To Send?...This Checklist Will Handle Quality Assurance For Your Email Marketing

Every so often, mistakes slip through the cracks and damage the quality of your email marketing campaign. This email newsletter checklist will handle quality assurance for you.

Every email needs a gatekeeper who keeps an eye on quality, making sure subscribers see what the sender intends them to. For your campaign, you’re usually that gatekeeper. You make sure your content is interesting. You check your spelling. You reposition your images ’til they’re just right.

But it’s a lot of work for one person to catch every error and think of everything that could make the message better. (But there’s no need for terror.)

Here’s a better idea.

This Checklist Will Do It For You

We’ve put together a checklist you can run each new email newsletter past. (And yes, it’s free.) It will catch and correct any errors. It won’t let you get away with a single mishap or slip-up.

You see, this new gatekeeper subscribes to a fairly strict philosophy: Just because no one is perfect doesn’t mean your emails can’t be!

And once you go through the 20 items on this checklist, they can be.

Your QA Checklist Covers:

•How to establish the email’s purpose
•6 things to check during testing
•Effective ways to arrange text and images
•3 ways to target the right audience
•Tips for getting the email delivered

Once you’re satisfied your email passes the test, with the assurance that the message you’re sending is exactly as it should be.

To download your free email marketing QA checklist click on the below link:

Email Marketing QA Checklist

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