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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How To Target Your Email Marketing To The Right Audience

Targeting each email to the right audience (called segmenting) can significantly increase response. It’s pretty easy to do – here, we’ll show you how.

Email marketing makes it easy to send messages to an entire group of people at the same time. That group, your subscriber list, is made up of people who have similar interests. Initially, you know that they want to hear from you because they are proactive – they filled out your web form and now they open every email you send.

However, the truth is that once they’re on your list for a while, subscribers move on with their lives. They don’t take the time to read every email that lands in their inbox, and they become selective about the emails they do read.

Even though they have given you permission to email them, these subscribers can be considered unemotionally subscribed because your content doesn’t interest them as much anymore.

That’s where segmentating comes in.

Segmenting gives you the ability to break down your subscriber list into subsets of people who show interest in specific topics without agitating subscribers who have no interest in them.

By segmenting your list, you can address relevance, make sure that your emails are true to your original offer and give subscribers only the information that they expressed interest in receiving.

In This Report, You’ll Learn:

•What to send to people who opened specific messages
•Why to send based on who clicked certain links
•How to segment customers from prospects
•What to send to subscribers who haven’t responded to ANY recent message
•What to give people who provided contact preferences at sign up

Email marketing allows you to cater to your subscribers’ wants and needs. Your subscribers will appreciate more targeted emails, and your business will appreciate the increase in sales.

To download your free Guide To Segmenting Your Subscribers click on the below link:

How To Target Your Email Marketing

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