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Saturday, September 17, 2016

How To Create A Call To Action In Your Email Marketing...That Gets You Results

Your calls to action are the point of decision for your subscribers – to click or not to click? You want to encourage clicks, but how? Use this guide to find out.

Every piece of your marketing email is important, but one tiny bit towers in significance above the rest: your call to action.

This bit of text turns your message from something your subscribers will merely read into something they’ll respond to. They may reply, download, share or even buy – it all depends what you ask.

And it depends how you ask it. Write a wimpy call to action that no one notices or gets excited about, and you might as well not send an email at all. But make it eye-grabbing and attention-snatching, then position it perfectly, and you can sit back and watch the responses roll in.

So Let’s Talk About How to Write One

In the Calls to Action Guide, you’ll find:

•thoughts on the text, format and placement of your calls to action
•what “power words” are and how to use them
•when to put your call to action above the fold – and when not to
•commentary on six real-life examples
•direct advice from knowledgeable, notable marketers
…and much more!

With all the time and energy you invest in your email campaign, you need to be writing the best calls to action possible. Download this free guide today to find out how!

To download your free Guide To Creating Calls To Action click on the below link:

How To Create Calls To Action

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