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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Marketing With LinkedIn & Webinars.....Your Combo For Business Growth

Lewis Howes, an expert in both LinkedIn and webinars, offers his advice for using these platforms for your business.

Lewis Howes was a professional athlete. After a career-ending injury, he wasn’t quite sure what to do next.

He ended up joining LinkedIn and learning everything he possibly could about the (relatively new at the time) social network. In fact, he learned so much about LinkedIn, he co-authored the book LinkedWorking. He proceeded to teach others how to use this social network, including running webinars about using LinkedIn, and this led to him carving out an additional niche as a webinar marketing expert.

Lewis has done well making the Internet his new playing field; he was even named one of the top “100 Most Desirable Mentors” by Genjuice.com. Which is lucky for you, because he talked to us about tips he has for business owners interested in using both LinkedIn and webinars as part of their marketing strategy.

Get The Free Guide

This free guide lays out the tips Lewis shared with us and also talks about concept discussed in his book The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide.

You’ll learn:

•How to find leads on LinkedIn
•How to manage multiple social media platforms
•The 7 steps to a successful webinar
•Where email fits into the equation
•What you need to know to move forward

To download your free Guide To Marketing With LinkedIn & Webinars click on the below link:

Marketing With LinkedIn & Webinars

Saturday, September 24, 2016

How To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign

Your email marketing platform account (especially if it's from AWeber) holds an awful lot of marketing power. Find out easy ways to use it.

Optimization is about making something more effective. When it comes to email marketing, you want to have the most effective campaign possible. High conversion rates, opens, clicks, traffic back to your website and sales are all important.

Fortunately, there are some best practices you can follow that have proven to work for others.

How To Create an Effective Email Campaign

We’re not going to send you in blind. We’ve compiled data from tests done on our campaigns, test results our customers reported on and case studies from sites like MarketingSherpa to provide some suggestions on where to start on your quest for a more effective campaign.

This guide covers:

•Suggestions for your landing page or web form: in order to get subscribers, you’ll need to convince them to sign up for your mailing list.
•How to encourage brand loyalty: you want them to remember you and stay engaged with your business
•Ways to learn what subscribers really want: if you’re sending what subscribers want, they’ll stay on your mailing list.
•Ideas for compelling subject lines: the first thing the subscriber will see in their inbox is your subject line, and what that line says can determine if they open your email or not.
•Design tips for an engaging email: you want your message to look good, but you also want it designed in a way that’s user-friendly.
…and much more!

To download your free Guide To Optimizing Your Email Marketing Campaign click on the below link:

How To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How To Personalize Your Email Marketing...And Make An Impression

Truly personalized emails make subscribers take notice. Learn how to create them with this cheat sheet.

We’ve all had that experience of opening up an email and feeling like it was written exactly for us. It’s a surprising, delightful experience. And it’s rare.

As rare as that experience is, it should be the one you’re striving toward with each one of your marketing emails. Personalized messages can really make a difference in how much your subscriber appreciates your brand.

But we’re not talking about dropping a first name in the salutation, then calling it a day.

We’re talking about a whole lot more.

Learn How to Deeply Personalize Your Emails

The Personalization Cheat Sheet will show you:

•9 different approaches to personalizing your emails
•6 ways to adjust the dates you’re displaying
•10 examples of personalization done well
•and much more!

If you’re ready to create delightful experiences for your subscribers, download your free copy of the Personalization Cheat Sheet!

To download your free Guide To Personalizing Your Email Marketing click on the below link:

How To Personalize Your Email Marketing

Saturday, September 17, 2016

How To Create A Call To Action In Your Email Marketing...That Gets You Results

Your calls to action are the point of decision for your subscribers – to click or not to click? You want to encourage clicks, but how? Use this guide to find out.

Every piece of your marketing email is important, but one tiny bit towers in significance above the rest: your call to action.

This bit of text turns your message from something your subscribers will merely read into something they’ll respond to. They may reply, download, share or even buy – it all depends what you ask.

And it depends how you ask it. Write a wimpy call to action that no one notices or gets excited about, and you might as well not send an email at all. But make it eye-grabbing and attention-snatching, then position it perfectly, and you can sit back and watch the responses roll in.

So Let’s Talk About How to Write One

In the Calls to Action Guide, you’ll find:

•thoughts on the text, format and placement of your calls to action
•what “power words” are and how to use them
•when to put your call to action above the fold – and when not to
•commentary on six real-life examples
•direct advice from knowledgeable, notable marketers
…and much more!

With all the time and energy you invest in your email campaign, you need to be writing the best calls to action possible. Download this free guide today to find out how!

To download your free Guide To Creating Calls To Action click on the below link:

How To Create Calls To Action

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How To Get The Right Information To Your Email Marketing Subscribers...Automatically

Send your email subscribers exactly the information they’re looking for – automatically. Here’s how.

You’ve been collecting email addresses for awhile now, and you have your follow up series set up, and you’ve been sending out broadcasts. You’re doing pretty well!

But you’re a little disappointed at your open rates, and your click rates are even worse. Every time you queue up an email, you really hope it’s one your subscribers want to see, but how can you be sure?

By asking what kind of emails they’d prefer.

Do your subscribers want coupons or information? Do they live near your store or across oceans? How often do they like to hear from you?

The more your campaign matches your subscribers’ preferences, the more responsive they’ll be to your emails.

So How Can You Ask For Those Preferences?

In this guide, you’ll learn:

•3 different ways you can find out what your subscribers want
•What custom fields are and how to add them to your web form
•How to (easily) cater to subscribers’ choices at sign up
•How subscribers can sign up for different messages series – with the same form!
Plus, you’ll see examples from real email campaigns to show you what setting subscriber preferences looks like in action.

The sooner you find out what your subscribers are looking for, the sooner you’ll be able to make your messages match their preferences. The guide is free, so download it today!

To download your free Guide To Setting Subscriber Preference click on the below link:

How To Set Your Subscriber Preferences

Saturday, September 10, 2016

How To Measure And Improve Performance Of Your Email Marketing

Are you emails bringing in new sales? With this guide, you’ll learn how easy it is to measure the performance of your emails, as well as ways you can make improvements to help grow your business.

Email analytics: Often feared, and only sometimes used.

But did you know that those insights can help you make major improvements to your email campaigns? With data about which messages were hits, which flopped, and which lead to new sales, email reports can highlight ways to make future emails more successful.

However, we understand that analytic reports can be overwhelming.

When You Know What to Focus On, It’s Easy

Within this email marketing guide, you’ll learn the five reports that matter most. Once you’re familiar with them, you’ll know exactly how to assess your campaign in a matter of minutes.

You’ll also learn:

•Practical ways to improve your results
•Adjustments you can make for more accurate analytics
•How to send targeted emails based on each report
•Ways to turn reports into more revenue

Download the free guide now to start improving your email campaigns!

To download your free Guide To Measuring Your Email Performance click on the below link:

Measuring Your Email Marketing Performance

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How To Target Your Email Marketing To The Right Audience

Targeting each email to the right audience (called segmenting) can significantly increase response. It’s pretty easy to do – here, we’ll show you how.

Email marketing makes it easy to send messages to an entire group of people at the same time. That group, your subscriber list, is made up of people who have similar interests. Initially, you know that they want to hear from you because they are proactive – they filled out your web form and now they open every email you send.

However, the truth is that once they’re on your list for a while, subscribers move on with their lives. They don’t take the time to read every email that lands in their inbox, and they become selective about the emails they do read.

Even though they have given you permission to email them, these subscribers can be considered unemotionally subscribed because your content doesn’t interest them as much anymore.

That’s where segmentating comes in.

Segmenting gives you the ability to break down your subscriber list into subsets of people who show interest in specific topics without agitating subscribers who have no interest in them.

By segmenting your list, you can address relevance, make sure that your emails are true to your original offer and give subscribers only the information that they expressed interest in receiving.

In This Report, You’ll Learn:

•What to send to people who opened specific messages
•Why to send based on who clicked certain links
•How to segment customers from prospects
•What to send to subscribers who haven’t responded to ANY recent message
•What to give people who provided contact preferences at sign up

Email marketing allows you to cater to your subscribers’ wants and needs. Your subscribers will appreciate more targeted emails, and your business will appreciate the increase in sales.

To download your free Guide To Segmenting Your Subscribers click on the below link:

How To Target Your Email Marketing

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Is Your Email Newsletter Ready To Send?...This Checklist Will Handle Quality Assurance For Your Email Marketing

Every so often, mistakes slip through the cracks and damage the quality of your email marketing campaign. This email newsletter checklist will handle quality assurance for you.

Every email needs a gatekeeper who keeps an eye on quality, making sure subscribers see what the sender intends them to. For your campaign, you’re usually that gatekeeper. You make sure your content is interesting. You check your spelling. You reposition your images ’til they’re just right.

But it’s a lot of work for one person to catch every error and think of everything that could make the message better. (But there’s no need for terror.)

Here’s a better idea.

This Checklist Will Do It For You

We’ve put together a checklist you can run each new email newsletter past. (And yes, it’s free.) It will catch and correct any errors. It won’t let you get away with a single mishap or slip-up.

You see, this new gatekeeper subscribes to a fairly strict philosophy: Just because no one is perfect doesn’t mean your emails can’t be!

And once you go through the 20 items on this checklist, they can be.

Your QA Checklist Covers:

•How to establish the email’s purpose
•6 things to check during testing
•Effective ways to arrange text and images
•3 ways to target the right audience
•Tips for getting the email delivered

Once you’re satisfied your email passes the test, with the assurance that the message you’re sending is exactly as it should be.

To download your free email marketing QA checklist click on the below link:

Email Marketing QA Checklist