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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why Fully Integrated Hospitality Software Is Crucial For Improving Your Bottom Line

Every hospitality business, whether it's a single hotel, a chain of hotels or a large resort, needs a hospitality software system to enable the management to see the state of their business in real time, at any time. They need to know what's happening in every area of the business so that they can make informed management decisions.

There is a huge range of hospitality technology systems to choose from so it's crucial to understand what benefits should be seen to ensure the best system is chosen.

All hospitality systems include some accommodation and reservation management modules. Customers today have a variety of ways to book rooms including phone, email, internet and any one of a number of booking companies. This information needs to be collated quickly and correctly to make certain that rooms are available when required and booking mistakes are avoided. Knowing which rooms are available at all times means booking systems and staff can offer these rooms as they are needed. A good reservation system will help increase bookings and improve the customers experience by ensuring their rooms are available and ready exactly when they need them.

Another important area that needs to be well managed and relates to the rooms is housekeeping. Good management of housekeeping will improve the effectiveness of servicing rooms so that room turnaround is fast and efficient. Gone are the days when a guest enters a room that hasn't been cleaned properly or at all. In addition, maintenance issues will be dealt with quickly as they arise and firm control is kept of stock items such as toiletries and cleaning materials. A really good system will also ensure that there is a continuous supply of linen as required.

The front desk of the hotel or resort always leaves a lasting impression with the guest. The staff here will need to know exactly what's happening regarding room reservations, room availability and guest check-in and out, restaurant reservations and spa facilities. Only a fully integrated hospitality system is going to give the front desk staff all the information that they need at hand. In addition they need functionality to handle billing and taking payments. All the guests purchases from room service, restaurants and gift shops needs to be collated to provide a single, detailed invoice at the point of payment. Integrated point of sale software through the property will ensure that the billing and invoicing system works seamlessly.

One crucial feature of the hospitality software is that its user friendly and requires minimal training. The menus should be role-based, ensuring the staff will only need to learn the modules that they'll be using and sensitive information is kept secure.

The payback from investing in a fully integrated hospitality software system will be increased staff efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, reduced stock holding and ultimately, increased profits.

With extensive experience in both the hotel and IT sectors, Sharon is ideally placed to help clients with sourcing and utilizing IT within the hotel and hospitality industry.

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By Sharon Cozens

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