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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Top Mobile Apps For Commercial Real Estate

The digital age is moving at a pace of unprecedented speed, and the commercial real estate industry is not exempt from the effects. Commercial real estate has adapted to these new advances by creating mobile applications that assist market professionals in meeting the needs of their clients and prospective renters. In any real estate office, these apps can be seen as technological advances that are shaping the industry's growth by increasing communication, organization, and best of all, saving time!

ReaLync has all bases covered when it comes to facilitating client-broker communication and organizing virtual tours and open houses. It is an interactive property touring app that saves time and money. ReaLync is ideal for fostering client-broker relationships and establishing clarity between prospective renters and commercial real estate brokers. Clients using the app can create client profiles to communicate directly with real estate agents and brokers via the app's messaging feature. ReaLync's pricing for agents and brokers is minutes-based, starting at only $9.99 a month with a free 30-day trial. However, the app is free for renters and buyers.

Honest Buildings
Honest Buildings is an application directly targeted at commercial real estate contractors and vendors. A self-proclaimed "cross between Yelp and LinkedIn for the build world," Honest Buildings is all about efficiency and precision. It allows users who are looking to renovate a property to connect with vendors who showcase their work on the app. The app provides owners or brokers in any commercial office a forum to find and hire the right vendors for the right project. With a streamlined system, you do not have to worry about doing reference checks or pricing out various bids. Perhaps, one of the best features of Honest Buildings is that it's completely free for project owners and fast.

The HelloSign app represents the direction that the commercial real estate industry is headed. A mobile scan-and-sign app, HelloSign supports the green movement as it promotes paperless security for commercial real estate professionals. It allows its users to scan and sign a document by taking a picture of it on a mobile device. In addition, the app doubles as a PDF editor which allows the user to make last-minute changes to a secure document before sending it off. The app has a free trial that allows users to scan and sign up to three documents in a month. The paid options range from $13 per month to $40 per month.

LeaseMatrix is a dream come true for commercial real estate brokers! It provides easy and fast comparisons for commercial real estate professionals by allowing its users to observe multiple leases at once. LeaseMatrix performs all calculations that would traditionally be figured through a spreadsheet, thus reducing, if not eliminating, the errors that are so frequently made when the calculations are performed manually. Though the app is web-based, it is available for use on all mobile devices. LeaseMatrix costs $29 per month or $295 per year with additional packages for office subscriptions.

In today's tech-savvy and fast-paced work environment, it is essential that all workers have access to the latest tools that enable them to work not only harder, but smarter. For the commercial real estate industry, these four applications can make all the difference in a gained sale. Whether you're looking to improve overall communication or provide transparency to employees and prospective clients, these applications will allow you to stay ahead of the game while saving yourself some time.

Portia Dempsey is the Property Manager at Camroad Properties. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Camroad is a privately owned and managed commercial real estate leasing company. With 10 properties in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa, Camroad is committed to providing Class A amenities at Class B rates to its renters since it started in 1991. In addition, Camroad is proud of its position in having some of the highest occupancy rates and longest tenant relationships in the Phoenix Valley. Interested in learning more about Camroad Properties and the latest trends in Arizona office space? Please visit our blog today or contact us to learn more about commercial real estate opportunities in Arizona!

By Portia Dempsey

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