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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Building Managers...Prevent Tenant IT Downtime With Riser Management

Any building manager could guess that their tenants can't afford a network outage. With more and more businesses relying on cloud services, the result of any given outage is a halt to the tenants' business operations. It has been estimated that the average cost-per-minute for the average business IT outage is $5,000.

BICSI, a professional association supporting the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, has published findings that 70 percent of network downtime is due to cabling problems. As cabling is the conduit through which all data passes and the infrastructure that supports all communications that business' may have, ignoring potential cabling problems is equal to dismissing the importance of the vital communications technology infrastructure that supports every business tenant within a building.

With tenants moving in and out and new circuits being added to the building, the amount of cabling grows exponentially. Without a riser management system in place, installation is often rushed and performed in such a way that no documentation or clear record is left of the work that has been completed. Many times as the new cable is brought in and installed into the riser closets the outdated cabling is left to collect dust, creating a spaghetti cabling mess that can cause a fault-isolation nightmare when a circuit goes down.

Preventing a cabling disaster is as easy as having a proper riser management system in place. Checks and documentation practices are a standard part of riser management procedures. Standard riser management procedures should allow only qualified and managed technicians into riser spaces and require them to adhere to a set of best practices. This practice minimizes the risk to critical building infrastructure. A centralized system of documentation and labeling as well as disaster prevention and recovery plans are also essential to preventing riser system catastrophes.

An effective riser management system is a comprehensive solution which is deployable on both a local and national scale. The building managers who work with a riser management company that follows these important factors and the others listed below can rest assured knowing their buildings will be protected from a cabling disaster.

Some of the other key factors in riser management practices include:

� State-of-the-art procedures

� Documentation of existing infrastructure

� Centrally monitored, supported and logged access control

� Single point of contact for riser system management

� Trained and managed site personnel

� Access restricted to qualified and verified technicians

� Planning for technology growth

� Outage and recovery plans

� Fire code compliance

Secure, managed telco closets are your best protection against cable mess and the growing threats of network downtime, data theft, sabotage and riser fire. Concert Technologies' riserSAFE program protects your building's entire riser system. Give your property a market advantage in today's cloud-based business environment. Call for your free assessment today! 703-796-5400

By D. Mazaris

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