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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Don't Become A Small Business Owner "Statistic"

If you are or have been, a small business owner, I'm sure you are aware of the abysmal failure rate. 50%, 80%, (more?)... overall failure rate within 5 years to 10 years... Whatever the true statistical figure or exact percentage is... you, the start-up or small business owner, do not have to fall prey to the 'statistic'.

There is a pathway to not only stay alive but thrive as a small business owner. If you possess the road-map and have the help and resources by your side to take the steps necessary, in the proper sequence and order, it can be done. This has been positively proven by many business owners who have been able to turn the corner and begin to reach the original ideal, the reason they went into the venture in the first place. Their all important "why"... Do you remember your "why?"... Why you decided to take the challenging step in the first place?

Most begin with a strong "why"... Doing what they love, releasing their creative passions, bringing valuable solutions to problems, achieving financial goals, taking care of others, independence, freedom,... and other just as valid "whys".

Then at some point, often very soon in the journey, the grind takes over, the daily urgencies begin to take control. These are the real and constant activities, problems, emergencies, and tasks that must be done. It's all part and parcel of running daily necessary activities that is a part of any and every business.

The business owner find him or herself just treading water, spending all their energy just to stay afloat, instead of soaring and enjoying the expected fruit of their dream in starting the business.

And so, to use that oft quoted phrase, they end up in the never ending cycle of always "working in the business - instead of on the business".

In practical reality, more often than not, the person fired their previous boss of regular employment and went to work for a new boss... the unforgiving, coldly practical boss of the business's unrelenting constant demands.

The very reason the business has some real success is the passion and skills of the owner,... who saw a need to be filled, a problem to be fixed, a want to be actualized. But what now, how does the next step of growing the business and getting to the all important "why" achieved?

Here is the good news. There is hope. The owner cannot move forward by neglecting what is working now. But there is more to be done. What is needed is a proven "paint by the numbers" strategic and tactical system and the resources needed to help and point the way. step by step,... by proven step. Fortunately, there are such systems available, as well as the resources and people needed.

Most business owners love the idea of independence, yet paradoxically, that independence can only be achieved by interdependence with others. No one can do it all. All business operates in community. The community of partners, family, employees, vendors, end users, clients, customers.

So, what to do to not become "a statistic"?... Well, let me ask: Have you ever seen an athlete, at whatever level, without a coach? Or an actor without a teacher and agent?... The business owner as well needs consultants and coaching to help them take the steps needed to move forward in the correct direction with guidance and accountability. Fortunately, there are quality people and resources in these categories available to fit each person and situation.

Consider seeking out the help you need to expedite, often in a surprisingly exponential way, the efficiencies and growth your business needs, as well as the opportunity for you, the business owner, to reach the "why" you began on your journey in the first place. Together, we can get there.
-Jerry Zak

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By Jerry I Zak

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