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Saturday, July 11, 2015

WRITING/BLOGGING With Demian Farnworth, Wade Harman And Kevan Lee

Join us each Monday throughout July as we dive into discussions on Entrepreneurship, Writing & Blogging, Social Media, and Search. These panels, presented by SiteSell, will feature tremendous guests and are hosted by Mike Allton.

Last week's presentation with Guy Kawasaki, Mia Voss & Kenneth Manesse Sr. was a lively one, complete with expert entrepreneurial advice and pearls of business wisdom. If you missed the event, be sure to watch the replay ...

ENTREPRENEURS With Guy Kawasaki, Mia Voss, & Kenneth Manesse Sr

This week we are talking about Writing & Blogging and will be offering insights and discussion from Demian Farnworth, Wade Harman, and Kevan Lee.

Guest Bios For This Weeks LIVE Event

Demian Farnworth is the Chief Copywriter at +Copyblogger. His main gig is to write web copy that conquers the web's two main problems: obscurity and neglect. When he says obscurity, he means web content that is buried beneath billions of web pages. By neglect, he means if someone actually finds your page, they'll more than likely ignore or abandon it. To overcome those two problems he writes web content that search engines can easily find and people can't resist.

Follow Demian: https://twitter.com/demianfarnworth

Wade Harman is a full time social media marketing blogger. He has a Psychology degree and he uses it to help people create action from their updates on social media. People these days have a twisted sense of how marketing is done and he’s here to set them straight. Become a Hero to one individual at a time and stop marketing to the masses!

Follow Wade: https://twitter.com/wadeharman

Kevan Lee is the Content Crafter at Buffer. This is where he shares his best, actionable advice on content marketing, his favorite writing tips, and his top time-saving tools.

Follow Kevan: https://twitter.com/kevanlee

Full Schedule and Lineup: Event Schedule & Guest Presenters

SiteSell offers a free eCourse on Entrepreneurship that will help you recognize and overcome the most common fears that stop budding entrepreneurs: FREE Entrepreneurship Course

Make sure to RSVP, and feel free to share your questions on the Event Page as we will be pulling the best comments and questions into the broadcast for our panel to respond to.

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