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Saturday, May 9, 2015

4 Ways To Keep Money Flowing In Your Business

There is one thing we all have to face up to when we run a business which is... how to attract, spend and retain money... and the often intense feelings we have about our finances!

As you know the subject of money can bring up VERY strong emotions of fear, anxiety, worry, guilt and shame, and of course excitement. All of which can have a huge impact on our enjoyment of work and life.

The fact is that money will be with us for the rest of our lives so if you're feeling stuck, want to generate more wealth and have more fun then it's worth mastering this particular, often tricky, relationship.

Because for all of us, no matter how much revenue we generate or what size our business, there is the constant need to keep the money flowing.

Financial success has always been one of my top values and I love to experiment with ways to generate income. Although at times I have had to manage my own scarcity mentality I am shifting my energy and embracing more playfulness and prosperity in my life.

Here are some tips that I've learned along the way...

Fall in love. It's really difficult to have a healthy relationship with anyone or anything if you don't like them, don't pay attention to them or avoid them at all costs. Work on your thoughts and feelings about money and wealth and if necessary get help to reprogramme your mindset for a positive relationship with money. EFT, hypnosis, coaching and therapy are different ways to access energy and mindset shifting techniques. As Barbara Stanny, the financial author wrote, "The Wall Street Journal recently pointed out, "The reason people get stuck is almost always an emotional reason... and they can get stuck for years... but the consequences are financial."

Get clear. One of the best decisions I made before letting go of my monthly pay cheque was to hire a money coach. She helped me write up my entire financial situation and from there to take responsibility and keep track of it. My lesson along the way has been that when I've not paid close attention to money that's when my financial situation has gone awry. Like brushing my teeth staying on top of my money has become a daily habit.

Learn more. As an avid reader I read at least one book a month on topics such as generating income, wealth consciousness and financial management. It keeps me focused on financial success. Attending weekend workshops and financial bootcamps have also made me aware of countless financial possibilities that we all have.

Be creative and open up your money channels. The great thing about being a business owner is that you get to decide what you want to design, deliver and sell. And you CAN charge what you're worth. Unfortunately, what gets in the way are self sabotaging behaviours such as procrastination, lack of self-worth, over delivering and undercharging. To challenge any limiting beliefs about your ability to generate more revenue try experimenting with a new approach at least once a month. For example, raise your prices by a small amount, offer a new option on one of your services, host an event, become an associate, sign up as an affiliate for a product you love, launch a new product, have a sale. By doing this you'll open up many more ways for people to work with you and soon you'll start to receive more income.

By Susan Tomlinson

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