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Saturday, March 7, 2015

5 Essential Elements of Brand Building Exercises

When a company is considering a brand building initiative, it is important to have numerous strategy sessions with the marketing, sales, and leadership teams. The project is a big one and takes time to properly handle all necessary steps. Each department in the company has input that is valuable for creating or developing a brand. Sometimes, it is best to utilize professional guidance, to have access to top-notch research capabilities and harness their industry and market knowledge. Whether it is done in-house or with third party help, stay focused on the project with a few essential elements of the necessary exercises to get the job done.

1. Do the research to find how the brand currently stands

The first step in the brand building quest is to perform the research to find where the current brand stands. Find how staff, current customers, and potential customers value the brand. That includes finding the perceptions about, loyalty and connection to the brand. You most likely already have an idea of the new ideas to promote, but with a little work, you can find exactly how that stacks up against where you are now.

2. Define what makes this particular brand unique

The point of a brand is to provide a compelling image to the public. They want to identify with something. Then need something to fix a problem they have. Hold a workshop with key staff to define what makes this particularly company best. Start with the simple question of why someone should use your product over another. Build bullet points of ways that the company shines, then put all of these ideas into a brand statement.

3. Compare this statement to three top competitors

During the brand building process, you also need to know how your brand stands up to the direct competitors. Do research on their brand loyalty, values, and mission. Compare them with your information. What are their strengths and weaknesses? There will likely be some crossover, but find the way that your company excels beyond what they can do and emphasize those things.

4. Fine tune a strategy and position in an exercise

Find the marketing opportunity niche and position the company to be the solution. The brand can't move forward without positioning and a strategy. This step can take time, and requires the use of the information about the competitors, as well as a solid understanding of the market, the ideal customer, and what they want.

5. Build a 2-3 year plan

The last stage of brand building is to build a future plan to roll out the brand and maintain a consistent and strong presence with it. Start the plan with the expected outcomes of the new brand. Develop a timeline for all of the strategies. Outline the resources and tactics that will be needed. It is also important to consider all of the points of contact with customers and how the new message will be delivered at each one. With a hard work on the vision and plan now, the brand can continue to get stronger and the company can achieve the projected goals.

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By Angela Landrum

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