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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Small Businesses Need A Start

As we appear to be living in a period of uncertainty with regards to the economy, employment and European community membership etc., the emphasis is on businesses to generate jobs, wealth and prosperity which is fine although I fail to see how new business ventures are supposed to get started.

We need people to start businesses otherwise there are no employment prospects for tomorrow - we can't just rely on the enterprises existing today. The problem is that if somebody wants to start up and as in most cases has limited funds to pour into their ventures where do they start?

The first thing most will need is a business home - somewhere to trade from and this is where the first obstacle becomes evident. If you're living in rented accommodation more often than not you aren't allowed to use the address for business purposes - this is the case for private landlords as well as council properties - so you need to get business premises which often means a lease or at least longer term commitment. Without a business track record that won't be easy, you'll also need to pay in many instances money 'up front' as a token of goodwill.

Banks despite their advertising campaigns are not very enthusiastic when it comes to new businesses, so money is tight - if possible at all. This leaves our potential job creators of tomorrow with very few options - we're not exactly encouraging them are we? If we're going to encourage people to start businesses, which appears to be inevitable, then it's got to be made easier. I'm not suggesting for a second that running a business is easy, but does the journey have to be quite so obstacle ridden?

With the failings of many 'big businesses' and with public sector jobs being discarded the only option for many will be to run their own enterprise, perhaps not out of choice, but need. Self employment in all its forms can be very rewarding financially and satisfying - although rarely 'plain sailing' - there is much to learn and in the majority of cases a new mind-set to be adopted.

Having been self-employed for 20 years I do understand the pitfalls, and that leads me to the conclusion we're just not helping tomorrow's creators today. This is a massive shame and very short sighted; people who have a 20/30/40 year working life in front of them need a 'leg up' now to start creating the prosperity and opportunities for tomorrow - after all us 40 plus folk will be reliant on the next generation soon, let's make sure they've got a chance.

James Kent,

Flexy office offers a business home, telephone answering, web site construction & full staff team, in fact a complete office infrastructure housed in London's Canary Wharf.

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We're supporting tomorrows successes today, after all, our future is in their hands.


By James H Kent

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