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Saturday, August 30, 2014

3 Questions I Wish I’d Asked Before Starting My Business

Anyone who has ever started a business knows that sometimes your enthusiasm outpaces your experience and planning. A few years ago, I started a soap & scrubs Etsy shop. When I started it, all I knew was that oatmeal, honey and goat milk were as good in the shower as they were for breakfast, and […]

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Luke said...

I hit those myself. I'm also kicking myself for not paying attention to how I setup my business before I spent years (years) doing business the wrong way, and screwed up my business' credit profile. I had to do alot of cleanup to get even a small loan. Dream Activated helped me clean it up. It sucked, but they got it done in a couple months. Sure wish I had done some research before trying to do it all myself.