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Saturday, July 5, 2014

What is the Number One Asset of Women-Owned Businesses?

The most important asset of women owned businesses is her client. Without clients you have no income. Without income you have no business. Every time you lose a client you lose a potential income producing asset. Also, a satisfied client is a source for referrals and testimonials generating new clients and income.

Establishing trust is essential. Clients will continue to do business with you if they know you and trust you. Here are seven ways to win and keep client:

1. Be likable - Think about the people you like to do business with and why you keep going back to them. How do you feel when you are around them. Try to emulate them.

2. Do not just hear them - Listen! People can tell when you are haphazardly listening. Real listening requires response and some level of understanding.

3. Know your client - You do not have to be their best friend but knowing their point of view, their situation in life and their likes will create a positive experience in their relationship with you.

4. Be enthusiastic - Being excited about what you do will return high profits. No one likes to do business with someone who only cares about their pocketbook.

5. Be straight up honest - If what they need is beyond what you can provide, tell them so and refer them to someone else if you can.

6. Follow up - Set yourself apart with e-mails, thank you notes, and phone calls after you have provide the service or product.

7. Give more value - Always give more value than your customer expects. Give away samples, bonuses, or fancy packaging. Remember the bakers dozen of thirteen.

In women owned businesses a successful woman does not just dust her computer and polish her furniture, she strokes her clients.

By Lana Hingle

Lana J. Hingle

[http://beamilliondollarwoman.com] - women owned businesses.


I help women who want to start their own business. I've started, managed, and consulted with over a dozen businesses. Some of the businesses were highly successful and some failed quickly. I want to help women avoid some of the pit falls of starting their own business.

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