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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Importance of Mobile Apps For Small Business Owners

Competition is fierce in the business world and it is particularly cutthroat for small businesses. There are approximately 23 million of them in the United States and these are competing for more than half of all sales in this country. Millions of people rely on these businesses for employment, with these companies providing 55 percent of all U.S. jobs since the 1970s. These entrepreneurs have a lot of pressure to succeed and they have many tools at their disposal to help them.

Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Society is quickly becoming mobile, with more than 55 percent and 42 percent of American adults owning a smartphone or tablet computer, respectively, according to Pew Research Center. When surveyed by that organization in 2013, 63 percent of adult respondents said that they used their cell phones to go online. As download speeds improve, this statistic is expected to increase.

Smartphones, tablets, and other connected mobile devices are used for both personal and business reasons. Business uses include meeting coordination, Web-based conference calling, and the review or preparation of presentations. Mobile applications are used to increase productivity, expand business reach, and other purposes that make businesses more competitive.

Taking a Small Business Mobile

Small business entrepreneurs may shy away from mobile applications due to limited resources. In reality, it costs very little and requires minimal time and technical skills to incorporate mobile apps into business operations. Business owners that have not begun using these applications should get started to avoid falling behind the competition. Time is money and most small businesses need every penny that is available to them.

Applications designed for mobile devices serve a variety of purposes. They can do everything from processing customer orders and service calls via mobile forms to analyzing data to help the business identify strengths and weaknesses and make necessary improvements. There is an app for almost everything and thousands more in development, helping businesses to become leaner and meaner so they can capture additional market share.

Whether entrepreneurs are just getting their businesses off the ground or want to make current operations more competitive, they should explore mobile applications. Within a day, they can incorporate mobile features that allow them to gather, process, and analyze important information more easily and efficiently. Price should never be a factor because low-cost options abound. The sooner a small business goes mobile, the quicker it will outshine its competitors.

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By Gerald F. McKidman

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