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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

College Students Can Start A Business...While They Get Their Degree

College students spend tons of their spare time on the Internet. Now, you can learn how to use that time to build a profitable small business that could pay you for life. You can graduate with more than a degree .... you can own a business too.

Who spends more time on the Web than the average college student? These days, Web surfing, e-mail and blogging is a common pastime of students all over the globe.

When you're not engaged in school activities, you're likely to be browsing your favorite sites or chatting with friends on their instant messenger.

What if you could take advantage of that time and turn one of your favorite hobbies into an online business that will...

* help pay your way through school

* generate a growing income stream thereafter

* arm you with critical life skills that any future employer would value (if you choose that route)?

You have a high comfort level with the Web and who couldn't use the extra cash for tuition, extra spending money, and of course the all-important spring vacation!

Let's put it bluntly, are you ....

- Thinking about how to pay for tuition, books and rent, not to mention a little fun... without having to go into debt?

- Looking for a way to earn money year-round? Why work hard for minimum wage all summer, and then wait tables while juggling classes and college life?

You CAN build your own thriving online business while going to school ... and a winning resumé at the same time.

No work experience or technical knowledge needed, just a positive attitude and a hobby or interest you really care about.

Read how you can make all that happen here...

Forget Minimum Wage Jobs...Build Your Own E-Business

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Top 10 Twitter Tips For Small Business

Twitter, one of the premier social media marketing tools, is fantastic for building your brand and driving traffic to your small business web site. There are some do's and don't when using Twitter.

You want to make sure you are using Twitter correctly to leverage your impact on the Internet....and bring more business to your small business.

The video shows the top 10 Twitter tips to help you get the most out of it.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

For Those Selling A Service...Or Could Be!

Selling a service is the most overlooked opportunity on the Net.

You can build an evergrowing client base until you can say... "I'm sorry... I'm not taking new clients." A Theme-Based Content Site is perfect because every service revolves around a theme.

You can easily learn how to successfully use the Net with your own theme based site to build a stellar list of quality clients...

* whether you've been selling your services for years, or thinking about starting

* whatever your service may be, professional or personal, from the serious to the sublime

* regardless if your business is primarily online or off, and

* no matter if your clients are from your neighborhood or from another continent.

Service-Selling Facts Of Life

Let's back up a bit and review some "service-selling fundamentals"...

Fact #1 - - The sale of a service is basically the sale of specialized time... someone with a specific knowledge or ability sells hours which deliver solutions required by a "client."

Fact #2 - - The Net is largely used by people to search for specialized information and solutions!

Fact #3 - - The "delivery" of a service is frictionless. In other words, you do not have to pick-pack-and-ship products (the way Amazon does, for example).

Conclusion - - There is no better way to grow your service-delivery business than through a Web site that works. The basic concept is so obvious...

Simply read this to learn how...

Selling A Service Online

No matter what personal or professional service you may offer, or whether your service attracts clients from around the world, or around your block...

You've got it made when you can say...

"Sorry, I'm booked through the rest of the year."

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Prospective Customer Is On Google Looking For Your Products...Will YOUR Store Be Found?

Do you make or sell hard goods? Thinking about selling them online? Maybe you're already selling online, but want to do better. If so...

Year by year, both retailers and shoppers are moving more and more online. Online retail is the low risk, easy, efficient way to sell. And, for shoppers, it is the ideal way to buy (fast, convenient, reliable, endless variety, and cheaper).


The key to success in electronic retail for the small business person is to master a niche. The Web, when properly used, is the ultimate niche marketing-and-selling vehicle. It is literally the ideal situation for small business e-tailers.

Unfortunately, many offline retailers are still trapped in the old-world model of "putting up a store" without much thought as to how they'll get visitors (traffic) to their store.

Traffic is easy to solve in the offline world -- it's all about "location, location, location." Put your attractive, nicely merchandised store in a mall or on a high-traffic shopping street in town and the result is instant traffic.


In the online world, however, no one just happens to walk past, see your store, and enter. Instead, people look for information, for solutions to problems.

The challenge, well before you make your first sale to a customer is to provide the information that people are searching for, in a way that Search Engines like.

Let's boil it down to this...

Selling Hardgoods Online

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Top 10 Ways To Conquer Business Setbacks....Part I

This video will show you how to move past the occassional setback to your small business .... and keep moving forward.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

For LOCAL Businesses with LOCAL Clients

There are tens of millions of small local businesses not yet online. Those who are online? They die deaths of quiet, no-traffic desperation. To be successful you need to know how to build a Web site that WORKS... one that delivers 100 times the benefits of a Yellow Pages ad, at one tenth of the cost.

Millions and millions of small local businesses have yet to start a website that markets their business.

The ones that have a website?

Low or zero traffic. Unprofessional-looking. Hundreds or thousands of dollars wasted by hiring a graphic designer instead of focusing on more important online business-building matters. For small local businesses, having a quality website that gets found in search engines, along with Social Media websites, can be the most valuable marketing money you ever spend.

The problem is you either don't know how to build an online business, or don't know how do-able it is, especially with SBI!.

To find out just how simple and cot efffective it is....read this:

Online Success For Local Business

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Best YouTube Video Shortcuts

If you use videos in marketing of your small business website....use these awesome YouTube video shortcuts to give your viewers the best viewing experience and exactly what you want.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

Ok...you have, or are about to start, a small business. You are one of the few smart ones who realize that having an online presence is important to the success of your small business. But where do you start? How long will it take to create the most amazing kick butt website that takes your business to that next level? Well....just watch this short video and you'll see just how easy it can be.