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Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to Get More Customers - Budget Marketing Idea

How to Get More Customers - Budget Marketing Idea
By Melody Campbell

There is a part of the human brain called the Reticular Activating System, also known as the RAS, designed to do half of your marketing job for you. Yeah that's right. This fabulous brain feature has the job of filtering all in coming stimuli and making the decision as to whether we pay attention to or ignore something.

So how does the RAS do half your marketing job for you? Your customer's RAS is focused on their needs, wants and desires. Your customer's RAS filters out and ignores everything else. Your customer's brain is seeking a solution like a heat seeking missile targeting their desires with pin point accuracy. Whenever there is a solution in the sphere of awareness held by your customer the RAS zeros the customer's attention to the satisfaction of their desires making the solution impossible to miss.

If your product or service is the solution to your customer's problem - the object of their need, want, or desire - your customer's RAS will draw them right to you. Bingo! Half the job of marketing!

The question is, how do you show up on your customer's RAS radar so you are not ignored and filtered out? That's the purpose of target marketing. Let me turn that phrase "upside down" in your thinking. Most gurus will tell you to find YOUR target market - YOUR ideal customer. I say to you - become your customer's target.

How to become your customers' target

  1. Conduct a needs analysis of the people you serve or want to serve
  2. Design your product and/or service to be the target for those needs discovered
  3. Design your marketing material as a target that your prospects RAS will easily identify as the solution.

So in simple terms - using an example we've all heard before - focus on presenting the �" hole, not the drill bit - the sizzle, not the steak.

Emotions vs. Logic

Sales psychology describes a phenomenon in which buyers make buying decisions based on emotion and supports those emotional decisions with logic: therefore your marketing must use emotion to sell what people want, not what you think they "need" or want them to need.

The function and focus of the RAS is increased when inspired by strong emotions. When you are able to inspire a strong emotional state of mind to propose the logical benefits of your product or service you make it nearly impossible for your prospect to deny him or herself the object of their desire.

This is a subtle change of perspective but If you will think in terms of being the target that your customers' RAS is focused on finding, instead of targeting your customers, you will be working with your customers' brain and have half your marketing job done for you!

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