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Saturday, July 13, 2013

How Much Damage Is The Affordable Healthcare Act Causing To Small Business Owners?

It all began with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi wanting a healthcare bill passed before it was read. Instead of improvement, the cost has only increased; the CBO has shown a few times how this Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) will be extremely expensive. Consider the following:

· Nancy Pelosi including the current President of the United States felt this healthcare could be affordable by every uninsured person by making persons who earn over $250,000 pay a certain amount.

· The individual mandate originally stated employers would pay $2,000 when in actuality that amount is $4,000 per employee not the prior amount given.

· These mandate payments are not deductable for employers when it was originally presented as if they were.

· It was originally planned that all lower earning workers would be gaining the ability to earn the advancement of using this type insurance and not needing to pay funding towards it because the higher earning personnel would have it covered, that is now incorrect. CBO has proven everyone will be needing to donate funding from top earners to low income earners out of their paychecks in order to make this AHA actually function and that still is not going to be enough.

What has become more frightening about the constant discoveries with this healthcare is small business owners are quickly discovering this is financially impossible to afford on top of daily operations of a small business costs including paying for employee payroll. As a matter of fact, this Affordable Healthcare Act is one of the main reasons as to why private business owners have literally stopped in their tracks when it comes to hiring employees full time. Even though many small business owners are at need of employees, ObamaCare has prevented many to hire due paying the fine. Should an employer go over 50 employees there will be a fine to pay and employers cannot afford it.

Something else now comes about, ObamaCare is on hold for one year for business owners, but this does not have the same fairness for the individual. It raises the question why for one and not the other.

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How much damage is Affordable Healthcare Act causing to small business owners?

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