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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Defunding Obama Care Will Allow Small Business The Ability To Hire

Much appreciation to Speaker Boehner for putting a stop to individual and business mandate so now business owners and employees will be treated fairly. The larger question that still is going through every unemployed person’s mind is where are the jobs? There still are many unemployed, under employed or working part time so even though this mandate matter has been put to rest for the time being ... it does not put to rest the ObamaCare threat. Many small business owners still feel threatened they will be paying over $5,000 per person for a fine should they have go over 50 full time workers.

This raises another question, when will Congress come together to entirely kibosh this useless AHA ruling so small business owners no longer feel caught up into something that will not allow them to perform. Small business owners have put everything into their business from finances to hard work when will Congress and Senate put a stop on this trillion dollar waste of a health care bill that will only add more spending to a defunct and overworked budget that must be eliminated. Speaker Boehner has been doing his job to remove the ObamaCare threat. It is now time for the Executive branch to do their part on the matter and defund ObamaCare the rest of the way so small business owners can begin the hiring of full time workers once again.

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Defunding Obama Care will allow small business the ability to hire

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