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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Small business rank dropped on Google, what happened? Pt 2

The second update on May 21 was for domain clustering, Very interesting as to why Google wishes to correct domain clustering because many Internet surfers do not see a reason for it. A brief definition of domain clustering could be considered when seeking a keyword on the Internet and the results show multiple pages of one particular URL in a row; that is considered domain clustering. With after this second change took place more companies began to see an impact on visitor traffic and the amount of purchases being made. Both of these items had severe damage on profit and unfortunately, nothing could be corrected because this was all based on how Google chose to program this particular algorithm. What I found interesting is if Google supposedly fixed domain clustering, it is not working the way they had wanted. Perfect example, while doing article research for this report, I entered a keyword and the SERP gave me a particular domain in clusters. I find it quite interesting to see Google’s plan has backfired on what is being attempted.

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Small business rank dropped on Google, what happened? Pt 2

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