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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SCOUT Your Email Marketing Reports...Download The Free Guide

Dozens of charts to click through, pages of reports that scroll down forever.

You know what I’m talking about... your email analytics. Those reports your email marketing software supplies so you can see just where your campaign’s succeeding. (In AWeber, you have your Broadcast QuickStats, plus more the comprehensive Report section.)

They’re certainly helpful. You can see which messages were smash hits, which flopped, which offended readers and which prompted purchases. Then you can plan future emails accordingly.

But analytics reports can be massive. Encrypting that slew of data can feel downright overwhelming.

But If You Know What Reports to Focus On, It’s Easy....

There are just 5 reports that really matter...the SCOUT stats. Once you’re familiar with them, you can easily assess how your campaign is doing in a matter of minutes.

So let’s get you acquainted.

SCOUT Your Email Stats

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