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Monday, June 3, 2013

Have you considered freelance contracting?

With the many changes taking effect in today’s economy, it is also having an effect in how people are being hired unfortunately. Even though the stock market has shown a brief improvement it still has not shown any signs of an increase where needed with the job market numbers. There is a large line at the unemployment office due to the lack of jobs being created and for the positions that have been created; a large stack of resumes is waiting to be reviewed. So many unemployed persons have chosen to stop looking rather than go through the constant phrase of hearing denial and wasting car fuel that is still increasing in price.
Frustration is quite understandable but rather than stopping to look for employment perhaps, consideration of the freelance option might be a better option? Forbes discusses how business owners are now taking this idea and using it to their benefit. Freelance contracting has now become a serious reality as businesses have many options to hire personnel for the length employees are needed, pay them well for the project period, then either send the person along his or her way or offer another paying project via contract to them. Freelance contracting is a win-win situation for both the employee and the business owner as both are achieving what is being wanted; the business is obtaining the project and the contractor is being paid at the end of the project.

To obtain a helpful start at seeking out freelance jobs Simply Hired can be used to search for these type of postings and the website will not charge job seekers which is a very important focus goal to keep in mind when job seeking. If any website attempts to charge, be cautious about that company as it could be considered a fraud. No job seeker should pay to locate employment, period. 

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