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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Want More Customers? Use Your Own Website Instead Of The Yellow Pages

You have a small business and think you are doing all the right things to get customers in your door...and to keep them coming back. You use yellow pages, newspaper ads, Smart Shopper publications, direct mailing, fancy displays and signs on your exterior, have a presence at local events, and you may even use email a little bit. But is that enough?

Short answer ... NO! Especially in today's world. New customers aren't going to drive around looking for you. Most print media is drying up. Direct mail just ends up in the trash. The yellow pages are so yesterday. This is the digital age. Customers are going online to find what they want ... and where they can get it. Plus, encouraging potential new and repeat customers is easier when you have a website to refer them to where they can visit to keep up to date on your latest specials and promotions, new products and services, sign up for a emailing list, and maybe even place new orders with "repeater" incentives.

Bottom line is you HAVE to have an online presence even if you are a brick and mortar storefront business. Watch this video to learn more about why ... and more importantly how.

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