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Friday, May 17, 2013

Top Small Business Marketing Concepts For Building Sales

The ability to achieve sales and profit in today’s economy is very difficult due to consumer’s watching their monthly budget. Small business owners are feeling the drop in profit because consumers cannot spend money as easily and it does cause a lower profitability margin. For business owners, there are a few marketing techniques to consider which may improve or raise customer numbers.

1) Internet: Just about everyone has a computer these days, both consumers and business owners, so the Internet is a wonderful tool to take advantage of for marketing. A strategic plan of how to market your business should be determined as there are many ways to market your business on the Internet such as

a. Build a business web page

b. Create a Twitter account

c. Use Facebook

d. Build a business blog

e. Create a LinkedIn page

2) Local Community: The local community is another way to let everyone know you are available and able to help those in need of your business. A great way to let the community be aware of your service is by appearing at local events with business cards and introducing yourself. Another helpful way to get the word out about your business is the local library bulletin board as there may be a section for placing your business card for free.

Top small business marketing concepts for building sales

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