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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The 4 Top Small Business Advertising Concepts

Every small business has to advertise to get consumer attention but the question each business owner asks themselves is how best to do bring attention and get sales. Here are four top advertising concepts that can help draw in profit as well as customers:

1) Convince your client or consumer why your product and/or service is the item that is of benefit to consumer’s needs and what makes it more beneficial in comparison to competitor’s.

2) Create a unique vision when speaking with consumer about using product or service so s/he can visually see product or service's usage including how that item will fit into a daily purpose.

3) Provide product or service demonstrations to consumers. Example: Sweetness For U provides fresh cupcakes every Monday afternoon from 12 pm to 2 pm and has different flavors every week to bring in new customers. Another example, Weston Accounting Service provides free 30-minute tax consulting appointments to new clients every Friday.

4) Share business skill with others through goodwill intentions. For example, Santana’s Mexican Eatery just opened. To announce the grand opening the owners made a visit with fresh samples to the downtown Chamber of Commerce at lunchtime with two dishes 1) a fish taco and 2) a cheese enchilada. Samples were handed out including a family invitation and map to the restaurant for the evening’s grand opening.

The 4 top small business advertising concepts

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