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Friday, May 3, 2013

Steps to follow when preparing for a job interview Pt 2 of 2

How do you answer questions from the hiring manager, do you respond with short answers or are they fully descriptive? Do you come prepared with questions or are you unsure what to ask? Are you someone who sends a thank you note the day of the interview or do you wait to hear from the hiring manager? These are the items to be aware of during the interview process.

Avoid short answers; instead provide descriptive thought and replies

During a job interview, there is a good chance the type of questions asked could be varied. A job candidate may find it helpful to consider previous work experience and/or any business skill that has been used. Hiring managers like to hear how job candidates will use their business experience and skills; it is quite okay to provide long answers when responding to interview questions.

Be prepared with questions during the interview

When reviewing the job information it would be best to write down a few brief questions to find out more details. For example if there is a question regarding the skill requirements that can be answered during the interview. Another question to ask could be about the company itself that was seen on the website. One question never to bring up during an interview is the salary as it will turn off a hiring manager and any chances of being a possible job hire.

After the interview follow up

During this economy, companies are taking longer with hiring the right person. The reasons for these actions are not just the slow economy as many would be quick to blame it is actually the high competitive numbers in job seekers that are on today’s market. Many persons have been laid off so in turn there are many who are currently job seeking. Because of the high number in job seekers, it has caused a longer period for interviewing and reviewing of resumes to take place as business owners want to find the best person for the job.

The best job seekers can do in this situation is to follow through after the job interview has taken place with a thank you note and showing they do have interest in the job position. Job seekers can log the date of interview, check off note being sent, and then wait for a week. Should a week pass and there be no word from that particular company, it would be a reasonable period to contact them for an update on the interview status.

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