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Friday, May 3, 2013

Steps to follow when preparing for a job interview Pt 1 of 2 - Omaha Careers | Examiner.com

1. Research the corporation or company

Research the corporation or the company using Google search engine to discover more about basic information. It is best to do this type of thing the night before and take notes while researching so you are aware. Learn a little bit about the company history, the product and/or service being provided to consumers.

2. Practice Interviewing

Ask a friend to help you on this and respond to the questions that are asked during a job interview. These types of questions can be located by seeking About.com for the exact keywords "job interview questions" without using the quotation marks. After you have practiced responding to the questions a few times, the answers will come more naturally. Do keep in mind, hiring managers ask different questions so it will be different from job to job upon what is asked; it is best to try all of them just to be ready for anything.

3. Dress for success

The night before plan out exactly what will be worn to the interview so all is sitting out and prepared and waiting to wear after stepping out of the shower. Whatever has been chosen, it is important to be sure the clothes will make a good impression and not be too over the top. So choose wisely whether it be a suit for men or a black straight skirt with blouse.

4. First impressions count

Even though nerves may be present, the first meeting with a hiring manager is an important moment. An employee can show positive attitude by greeting his or her hiring manager first with a smile then with firm handshake and lastly by introduction. That combination will show confidence and the readiness for discussion about the job opportunity.

Steps to follow when preparing for a job interview Pt 1 of 2 - Omaha Careers | Examiner.com

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