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Saturday, May 18, 2013

OP-ED...Who Is Next On IRS Firing Block?

Over the past week there have been a few surprises appear with the IRS and there have been a few acknowledgements which many assumed were involved finally appear and proven. Now the larger question still needing to be answered is “who are the persons to be fired or due for forced early retirement?”

There has been many odd bits of information released yet not enough of that information seems to make sense as it leaves open holes which only leads to more questioning that makes all personnel within the IRS including the White House administration do a very odd version of Chubby Checker’s song “The Twist” in an attempt to get more comfortable when responding. It can only make one seem to think many were involved and no one wishes to give an honest or truthful answer.

This means there will be more hearings to take place over the coming weeks if not longer until information has been fully disclosed. God help them all as one can only hope someone will turn and use common sense in doing the right thing and stating the real facts and ONLY the real facts.

OP-ED: Who is next on IRS firing block? | A Passion 2 Write

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