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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How To Integrate Your Email Marketing With Your Facebook Fan Page

Like many businesses, you may be exploring integrating social media with your email marketing campaigns. Doing so can expand the reach of your messages and grow both your fans/followers as well as your email list.

So at AWeber, they’ve made a point of helping you combine email and social media by helping you automatically share your email newsletters on Twitter and Facebook.

As some of you noted when they rolled out their integration with Facebook, it only worked with personal profiles (not fan pages) due to limitations with Facebook’s API. They knew you wanted to post to your fan pages, but it wasn’t technically feasible at the time.

Well, as the saying goes, the only constant is change. And this is a good one. Facebook has changed their API, and AWeber has changed their integration and you can now post your email newsletters to your fan pages.

To learn how easy this works, AND to take advantage of this tool for your small business, simply read more here ....

Sharing Email Newsletters On Facebook

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