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Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Does A Professionally Designed Website Cost?

When looking for a professionally designed website .... beware.

It's not unusual to pay a Webmaster $7,500 or more for a basic Website that just sits there. Of course, you only learn that the site won't get much traffic after your site goes up. Most sites only get traffic from people who already know you (or from expensive, heavy advertising)...

•customers who know where the site is,

•business cards, stationery, etc., and...

•offline promotions.

If you're like many people, one of the following applies to you and the Web...

•You don't have the time to learn how to build a Website.

•You don't know how to set up the best Website for your needs.

•You have a Website, but it's embarrassing and set up in the wrong way.

•You have a sharp-looking Website, but no traffic.

Wouldn't you prefer a Website that looks good but, more importantly, actually works?

Any web designer can build a nice looking site... that's the easy part!

But you want a site that...

•Delivers free targeted traffic from the search engines to increase your profits without the high cost and effort of traditional marketing means.

•Provides you with an additional consistent stream of leads and sales.

•Serves as a buffer against economic downturns, recessions, and low business cycles.

•Establishes your brand and builds your business for you.

•Frees up your time to allow you to do what you do best.

You can get all of that and more....for a lot less than you think.

Learn how here .....

Small Business Website That Works

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