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Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Upsell .... Without Your Customers Even Realizing It!

I tried a new restaurant a few weeks ago. When the waiter stopped by my table, I ordered a hard cider to go with my meal. The next time he checked in on me, he struck up a conversation about the cider I was drinking and mentioned a beer they had on tap that night with similar qualities to the cider I’d been drinking.

“It’s a wheat beer mixed with apples,” he told me, and it was one of their featured beers of the month. “Let me bring you a sample of it.”

I eagerly agreed to his gentle suggestion. And as soon as he walked away, I realized what had just happened. The waiter tried to upsell me. And I didn’t mind a bit. In fact, I even gave him a bigger tip for it at the end of the night. Why? It’s all in the nature of the interaction. Let me break it down for you, because there’s plenty to learn from this waiter’s performance.

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How To Upsell

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