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Monday, November 26, 2012

Tips On Using Pinterest To Market Your Small Business

By now, we’re all aware of Pinterest (and if you’re not, it’s an up-and-coming social network that doubles as an virtual bulletin board that lets you save and share images from across the ‘Net).

Online marketers have, of course, jumped on board and started pinning their images, their sites, their blog posts and their offers, all the better to attract the Pinterst’s main demographic, women aged 25 to 44.

In a business’ ideal world, everyone would love to consume their marketing content. However, these posts, sites and offers aren’t necessarily what these Pinteresters want to see.

Which brings us to the point:

Tips For Using Pinterest

If you have other tips on how you can use Pinterest to market your small business ... by all means share them by leaving a comment.

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