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Thursday, November 29, 2012

How To Upsell With Email Marketing

Think of an old-fashioned, friendly neighborhood shop.

Customers come in to chat, they ask for recommendations, and they loyally purchase again and again. They trust the shopkeeper. They’ve bought there before, they’re comfortable there and they know their payment information is kept safe.

If you’re establishing the same dynamic of trust with your email subscribers, you’re becoming their friendly virtual-neighborhood shop. Once they buy from you, they should be comfortable buying from you again.

That’s where upselling comes in — making more offers to your established customers.

How Do You Upsell With Email?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My 401(k) Isn’t Free?
Have you considered how fees impact your 401(k) account? A survey of employers by Congress’ nonpartisan Government Accountability Office uncovered some alarming facts, including

  • Half didn’t know what they are paying in fees for their retirement account and,

  • A fee reduction of 1 percent of assets per year was possible and would increase the retirement account of the average worker by 28 percent.*
Do you know what you’re paying in annual fees? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Locating and deciphering these fees has been difficult to say the least. You have to look at investments, administration, recordkeeping, trustee, advisory, trading, custodial fees, etc. Plan fees and expenses generally fall into three categories:
  • Plan Administration Fees. These fees cover such services as recordkeeping, accounting and other plan-related services.
  • Investment Fees. These fees are associated with your investments.
  • Individual Service Fees. These fees are based on account activity choices, such as processing a loan or taking a withdrawal.
It’s complicated but you can get help! There are places you can compare your fees with industry averages- like www.yearsofretirement.com. Use the calculator there to decipher some of these fees so you can better understand what you’re getting for your money. Plus your research will help you be better prepared to answer questions you may receive from your employees who also are reading about the fees associated with their 401(k) plans.

*United States Department of Labor 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tips On Using Pinterest To Market Your Small Business

By now, we’re all aware of Pinterest (and if you’re not, it’s an up-and-coming social network that doubles as an virtual bulletin board that lets you save and share images from across the ‘Net).

Online marketers have, of course, jumped on board and started pinning their images, their sites, their blog posts and their offers, all the better to attract the Pinterst’s main demographic, women aged 25 to 44.

In a business’ ideal world, everyone would love to consume their marketing content. However, these posts, sites and offers aren’t necessarily what these Pinteresters want to see.

Which brings us to the point:

Tips For Using Pinterest

If you have other tips on how you can use Pinterest to market your small business ... by all means share them by leaving a comment.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Email Marketing Guide For Wineries

As a winery owner, your plate (glass?) is pretty full. You have a vineyard to tend, wines to bottle and a tasting room to maintain.

On top of all that, you need to actually promote your winery, and that can take your glass from full to overflowing. So any ad campaign you run had better be worth the time and effort.

Email Marketing Is Worth It

Here’s why.

Email happens online. Your ad isn’t on a billboard or in a magazine, where people have to remember to look you up later. It’s in the inbox, just a click or two away from your web site. Your subscribers can set up a visit or order a shipment in a matter of seconds.

Email also lets you focus your dollars in the most efficient places. Why pay to market to people who don’t drink wine? Email’s opt-in nature means you only advertise to people who are already interested (and therefore, most likely to respond).

And once people have opted in, you can keep up an email conversation endlessly. Once you have someone’s permission, you have endless chances to engage them. And an engaged subscriber often becomes a customer.

Finally, email is a conversational medium. When people see your ad and wonder, “But would they mind if I brought my dog?” or “Could 12 of us show up without a reservation?” they can just hit “reply” and ask!

Emails provide potential customers with the information they’re looking for. It can invite your current customers back to visit and buy that favorite bottle again. When your winery may otherwise slip out of mind, email can bring it back.

Email Marketing Guide For Wineries

Monday, November 19, 2012

Freshen Up Your Email Marketing Campaign

Freshening up your email marketing campaign once in a while is a great way to test new elements you’ve always wanted to try and to avoid subscriber fatigue – your readers might be getting bored of seeing your content in the same template every week.

Take a look at how one company overhauled their campaign. This will give you some tips on elements you might want to change in your own emails for a fresh new look.

Email Marketing Campaign

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Email Marketing Guide For Travel Agents And Travel Sites

Brand-name travel sites on the Internet have changed how people book vacations over the last several years. More and more consumers are taking a do-it-yourself approach to booking flights, hotels and cruises instead of relying on travel agents to find the best deal.

How does a travel agency or smaller site succeed in this climate? Through email marketing. Did you know that 63% of consumers who signed up for emails from a travel site are more likely to do business through that same site again? That’s a big percentage of business your site or agency could be diverting from the “big name” travel sites.

This free guide will help you understand how email marketing works and give you proven tactics to keep your customers coming back to you for their travel needs.

Email Marketing Guide For Travel Agents And Travel Sites

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pack Your Backpack With These Tools For Faster, Easier Marketing

You know that feeling when you just have too much time on your hands?

Me neither.

You know and I know that to push out marketing materials while running the rest of your business takes a good amount of efficiency. You need the fastest, easiest processes possible for planning your schedule, for actually creating your marketing content and ideally, for streamlining your process.

There are tools that can help you with that. So while we’re packing the kids up for school, let’s make sure your own arsenal is packed full of these tools, shall we?

Marketing Tools

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Email Marketing Guide For Restaurants

Getting a customer in the door for the first time can cost a pretty penny.

Consider the price of promotions. Every ad means you’ll need more diners just to break even. Coupons can get customers in the door, but they can also seriously dent your profit margin.

And not all of those first-timers will choose to come back – maybe they don’t dine out much, or they didn’t have a great first experience.

Your solution?

Cultivate a regular base of repeat customers. They bring in revenue without the cost of acquisition. Not only does this lower your cost per visit, but “regulars” often deliver free, effective advertisement by word of mouth.

This is easier said than done, however. You may offer delicious food and a pleasant ambiance, but memories of good meals fade and there are plenty of other restaurants in town.

Many restaurants cross their fingers and hope diners will come back on their own, but you’ve found a better way to boost business – email marketing. With this guide, you’ll learn exactly how.

Email Marketing Guide For Restaurants

Monday, November 5, 2012

Three Email Marketing Apps That Build Repeat Business

If you run an e-commerce store, you may be familiar with some shopping cart integrations, like PayPal and Google Checkout.

These integrations allow customers who purchase from you to opt into your email campaign when they check out with their purchase. AWeber has added three more shopping cart integrations and have advice to help you use them to grow your business and your email campaign. These business building apps are 2Checkout, Magento, and Eventbrite.

Read more about them here ...

Shopping Cart Integrations

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Email Marketing Guide For Real Estate Agents

How are you finding potential clients for your real estate business, and getting them to work with you to buy, sell or rent property?

The successful agent focuses on customer trust in order to garner referrals and nurture relationships with potential buyers and sellers.

And one of the most powerful tools in your real estate marketing arsenal is building and communicating with your own list of prospects through an email marketing campaign.

Not sure how to make email marketing work for your real estate business? This free guide will help you get started.

Email Marketing Guide For Real Estate Agents