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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Innovative Solutions & Thinking For Small Business

Challenges come up all the time in business. And if not challenges out right crises. One either puts out the fire with a creative solution or goes down in flames and that is not an acceptable option in business.

Often there are split second decisions that have to be made or in other cases you are given more time. In split second decisions you go with your gut and all the experience you've accumulated in your life. That's inspiration. Longer term decisions give you time to think about more options or do some research and brainstorming.

Fostering innovative thought in your staff is crucial. How can you get there?

Open communication among employees who feel free to share their ideas in a non-heirarchal environment where everyone's job is as important as the next person's, the company is a team and we rely on each of us to do our jobs so that the system runs smoothly.

Giving autonomy to each employee to do their job to the best of their ability in their own way with the knowledge that everyone is dependent of them for their own success.

This fosters team effort without the usual subterfuge that often hinders smooth and successful operations. When someone sees a better way of doing something and has an idea that would help the company they are free to bring it up for discussion and their ideas are taken seriously in informal meetings. If it meets the approval of the majority and makes sense, it is implemented, if there are flaws in the logic or underlying reasons why it can't work, then we understand why it is shelved.

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