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Monday, August 13, 2012

Advice For The Newbie In Direct Sales

If someone has never directly sold, then I would definitely suggest they get sales training or coaching.

- You need to know who exactly your target market is.

- How are you going to get access to them? (List, phone book,....etc)

- How are you going to organize your day? How many calls will you make, how will you track your calls, what will you do for follow-up.

- How comfortable are you on the phone? Do you have a script?

-How comfortable are you in presenting your products and services, do you know how to go for the close?

-How do you track and manage your prospects? What kind of reporting do you do (pipeline, forecast,...etc)

-Do you know the sales cycle for products / services you are selling?

These are just the basics and usually someone who has NEVER sold does not know where to start, so I would advise even if they feel comfortable to enroll in a sales training course to get the basics or get coaching. Coaching will help as it will give the person someone to work with along the way and gain feedback.

It is a big mistake "to try to figure it out" as you go. People who do usually get behind the 8 ball. They can't organize themselves, have a quota to hit and are not focused properly. Everyone needs some help at new things.

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