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Thursday, July 26, 2012

How To Grow Your Small Business And Gain Customers

In order to be a market leader you have to constantly innovate to grow your business and customer base.

The most important thing you can do to grow your business and gain customers is to address their needs and deliver extraordinary value.

Marketing is not about the company, but about the customer - you should be entirely devoted to the client's agenda and achieving success on their terms.

Learn how to focus on exactly who is your target customer, how you can help them and where you can find them and engage with them.

This is such a critical part of growing a successful business, it not only makes the marketing much easier as you can begin making progress with the right people from the start, rather than chasing prospects that are never going to be customers, but it's also a massive saving for a small business. Focused marketing really helps control costs as you are investing in doing less but see a more profitable gain.

Treat every customer like a guest in your home. Build your business one customer at a time with personalized customer service and sales. Great listening and follow up skills are critical as is never saying "We can't do that."

Two more things come to mind that can help you grow ....

1- Develop credibility with credbile people

We have found that our best source of new business comes from people that we have served, advocated for, helped advance their endeavors.

2- Learn to say no.

Dont be afraid to say no to a client or prospect. You have to show some confidence and power in you and your abilities AND, you should not take on a project or a client simply because you need the revenue.

You need to create customer loyalty, which then translates into retention. As customers choose to stay with your company, they'll expande the services they use, products they buy, and the amount of money they spend. All of which are at no to minimal additional cost to you. Basically, provide excellent service to clients, resulting in a network of referral based business as well as a pipeline to future business.

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Erik Alloway said...

I definitely agree with tip no. 2. There are times when you have to decline or let go of some projects for your company. Although it may bring you profit, some aspects of the business might suffer and might lead to revenue loss. Try to determine if the project proposal can be achieved and is right for your company.