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Monday, May 14, 2012

Is Social Media Worth The Effort For Small Business?

Many small businesses have used social media tools to go from unknown to worldwide recogitiion, top sales, and award-winning status. Yes, social media has revolutionized the way small business owners get noticed and compete with far larger companies.

Small businesses that don't use social media are going to get left behind, and ultimately, I believe, be out of business before long. It's a story of adapt and thrive, or remain the same and wither on the vine.

The biggest challenge for a small business is time.... so here's what I suggest:

- find out where your clients are in social media, and focus on that tool first: Really master it.

- Start small, experiment with social media, and see what works and what doesn't.

- Focus on that tool for one fiscal quarter and see what results you're getting.

- Evaluate, and repeat what worked for you.

Do market research and find out what your competitors are doing, evaluate what about their efforts appeals to you (along with what doesn't), and then do it better.

There's a lot of social media hype out there that doesn't make sense. Ignore that, and find out what works for your business.

Below is a link to a helpful checklist that outlines the essential four steps for small business owners using social media.

Social Media Campaign Checklist

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Thomas Simpson said...

of course. your business will really need social media marketing, that is, if you want to advertise your business cheaper than using any other advertising mediums.