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Thursday, May 24, 2012

How To Make Your Customer Feel Special

Ever met anyone who "loved" strawberry ice cream?

Of course, there are people who say that, but when it comes to actually defining the true definition of love.....we find that what the people really mean is that they "like" it.

The relativity is that often, as you know, we use words and phrases out of context without truly considering their true significance. Let's take for instance the questions: " How do you pamper 'n' spoil your customers? How do you make them feel special and unique?"

Do you notice something, here? Neither one of these questions are unique. In fact, they reflect an "old school mentality" for what is understood today in a much better light as "customer care." Back then, It was all about manipulation.

Words like "pamper," "spoil," and phrases like "make them feel" presupposes an air of subliminal seduction as opposed to honesty.

Although there's more detail to really explaining what I'm saying, hopefully, it'll suffice to mention that we're, in general, a far cry from the school of "Roger Ramjet"

We don't "pamper 'n' spoil." Instead, we "gently embrace." We don't "make them feel special and unique." We let them "know" they are.

So, in direct response to " I recently got a new set of clients, and I want to do something special for them."

Here's your answer:

Gently embrace them with sincere words of appreciation, letting them know that they're truly very special and unique....'cause really...they are!! Then you graciously prove it by doing something extra relative to the situation.

Be creative. It has to come from you....

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