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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Number 1 Priority For Small Business Growth

The number one priority a small business owner should have in growing their business is ....

A business plan generated with care and kept a living breathing document staying abreast of the times.

A business plan is the vehicle by which you conduct the research for your market, decide which individuals to involve in the sales of your product, and validate your revenue and expense financial forecasts. It is the means by which you will convince first yourself and then others who can help you that your company has a road map to success.

Small Business owners should go to the SBA web site that guides them through the business planning process. They should follow the site presentation and note the factors to consider in growing a business.


This link contains examples of business plans ....

Business Plan Examples

Entrepreneurs can also choose a free counselor below who is experienced in their industry and that they feel can help them. They should try their plan out on the counselor. The counselor will put on a banker's or investor's hat and give them a reaction, then make suggestions to improve the plan and how to communicate it to a financial institution.

Free Counselor

Above all - PLAN --- to Succeed!

If you can't plan it how are you going to do it --- or convince a financial source you can?


Emily said...

Despite the apparent importance of bank finance, the issue of banking relationships has been relatively under-researched, particularly in the context of smaller and more entrepreneurial businesses. This paper explores the nature of relationship banking and assesses the benefits that may arise when those relationships are closer and more participative.

Richard Tan said...

Your plan will need to demonstrate on paper that you have a firm visualization of what your business is going to be. It needs to convince others that your business concept can be successful, and that you possess the expertise-alone or collectively-to assure that it will be both successful and profitable.