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Thursday, April 26, 2012

How To Position Your Small Business As The "Go To" Expert

You want your small business to be considered as the "Go To" in your market niche. To get to that lofty position as the "Go To" expert you need to raise your business visibility in your market demographic.

To do this you need your marketing to demonstrate your knowledge, wisdom, expertise, testimonials and case studies. You can accomplish this by creating digital assets and syndicating them online -

For example ....

Maybe as part of your cloud marketing strategy instead of limiting yourself by doing everything on your own website, you perhaps leverage other resources out there in the cloud to help create sales opportunities for yourself.

Think about the digitial assets you may already have but not be leveraging...

* Ebooks
* Case Studies
* Reports
* White papers
* Presentations
* Articles
* Checklists
* Powerpoints
* Pdfs
* Spreadsheet tools
* Videos
* Software

You could of course also consider ....

* Registering on various "Experts Sites"

* Blog on various social networks

* Participate in niche groups on Facebook

* Participate in niche groups on Linkedin

* Participate in niche forums

* Answer questions on Linkedin answers

* Be a guest blogger on other people's sites using blogsearch.google.com

* Upload your own instructional videos on digitalmotion, youtube etc

* Use slideshare, docstoc, scribd

* Write articles and submit em to various article directories

* Spin your articles and create more

* Publish video testimonials online

* Create audio podcasts of your blogs, or chapters of your book

* Create your own phone app

Theres just a few to get you started. Pick a few and and set those up. Once they're established move on to a few more ... and so on.

1 comment:

mike said...

This is a great post and I agree that it is all about brand positioning. I use a virtual offices provider to keep the business ticking over whilst I concentrate on the building the brand.