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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Atypical Lead Generation For Small Business

The atypical is not to look at lead generation, personally the future profits of the business are in the business ... and there are many simple ways of doing things that have a huge impact on developing and growing the business before "lead generation" as we know it.

As one of the last things to get to in a business, it has the potential to be one of the most time consuming and expensive things you can get involved in, lead generation comes from everything else that has gone before getting the business to critical mass.

There are, personally, no new silver bullets and some of the ways that have worked best in the past are worth revisiting. As several people have said it's about connecting with people.

Stacy Hayes puts it all in context ... and very well I might add:

"Given current "strategies" I suppose what I'm going to say seems atypical...

I talk to EVERYONE. First, because I'm genuinely interested in what people do, what makes them tick, & their thoughts. I always say network for good karma, but it's really true. The vast majority of the people I talk to aren't potential prospects for me -- I don't care. I just like people & like talking to them."

There are some great quotes in Jerry Maguire that about sums it up....

Dicky Fox: The key to this business is personal relationships.

Dicky Fox: If this [points to heart]

Dicky Fox: is empty, this [points to head]

Dicky Fox: doesn't matter.

There's also a line that I couldn't find... Something like "to sell anyone, you have to love everyone".

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