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Thursday, March 1, 2012

How A Local Small Business Can Have A Website

For a local small business the bottom line on having a website is ... "you need to do this". The benefits to a small business of getting online with their own website far and away overshadow any argument for not having one. Quite frankly ... there's nothing to be afraid of.

For those so inclined I can recommend at least 1 cost effective potential resource with both DIY (do it yourself) and custom (do it 4 me) website development options here ....

Website For A local Small Business

It's targeted to just the audience least likely to "get it" .... local businesses. The link includes sensible reasoning why a website is value added for the local business owner. Maybe reading the dialogue there will help a few to see the light.

I also have to state that ... 5 figures or high 4 figures for a basic business website is absurd. With the link above you'll get a high performance small business website at a price that will make your jaw drop ... in a good way.

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