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Thursday, February 23, 2012

How Do You Manage Your Social Media Marketing?

My advise is to focus on the marketing channels, including social media, which your target market is using. It’s the fish where the fish are thing.

The importance of using, blogs, Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, cannot be overstated as channels to disseminate your content, to create brand awareness, foster loyalty and build trust.

If you have a nice website, use it as the centre of your digital universe to drive traffic towards.

Remember your potential customers will consume content from different channels at different times during the day. And they will consume content differently depending upon where in the buying cycle they are. Your content, therefore, should be assessable across and packaged for different platforms and for different audiences types.

As you know all marketing efforts begin with creating content that is remarkable. Share on Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn .... and drive the traffic to a landing page on your website with the appropriate CTA buttons.

1 Create a blog post on subject.

2 Promote it on Twitter

3 Discuss the subject on your FaceBook Page

4 Create a presentation and share on SlideShare

5 Create a video on the subject, post on multiple video channels.

6 Bookmark you post on StumbleUpon

7 Create a Press Release and disseminate (if worthy enough)

8 Repackage your best post in your newsletter / email

9 Create an eBook on the subject

10 Use PPC, Google, FaceBook, LinkedIn ads to drive to a landing page with CTA buttons.

11 Experiment with content on each channel to see what is converting and driving website traffic.

The options are endless on how to promote your content. As we all know Marketing efforts as well as Social Media Marketing efforts are a slow burn that can build into a wildfire if you are persistent, consistent, and determined.

Remember content you create should target different parts of the marketing funnel, depending where in the funnel your prospective customer resides and your content should target different people. C-level need different content then engineers for example.

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