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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Using Social Media To Market Your Small Business

Especially for a small (and medium-sized) business enterprise, a good way to promote the business would be through Social Media channels. Apart from this, one needs to be well networked and have friends and contacts who can pass the word through a viral "chain".

Coming to specifics, one needs to develop a comprehensive strategy for harnessing the full capabilities of Social Media. A mere presence on Facebook and getting a large number of "Likes" for the posts doesn't really translate into actual Sales. The idea behind Social Media is primarily to {i} continuously engage with potential customers as well as "converts", {ii} provide them with timely info about services, offers, and latest updates, and {iii} have a response mechanism for queries and questions / complaints from customers and fans.

In addition to a presence on Facebook, suggest you to also explore other channels of Social Media, including Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Facebook, Twitter. Linkedin and Youtube marketing are all very powerful and the capabilities of Social Media can actually be fully tapped when you have an integrated strategy for all these channels.

I would suggest the following Social Media strategies:

1. Create a Facebook Fan Page
2. Create a Twitter account
3. Promote your business on Linkedin
4. Create an Youtube account

Now, for the things you should do:

1. Create a blog on your website and write about your items. Once done, Tweet the URL, share the URL on Facebook and on Linkedin. Encourage people to LIKE your blog post or ReTweet.

2. Make a video about your items, you can try www.animoto.com and create one for free. Once done, upload the video to Youtube and share to friends in FB and Twitter.

3. Have an ongoing promotion to attract new customers and post this on your FB fan page, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube. You can also create another video about your promotion.

4. Suggest your fan page to all your friends and contacts on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Don't forget to promote it on Youtube as well.

5. Constantly update your site with blog posts or helpful tips to share to your fans and friends. Provide a link back to your site at all times.

6. You can submit a press release to free press release sites to tell others what your store is about.

7.Give something out for free - may be an instructional ebook, a recipe, a free screensaver, etc. and tell people about it.

8. Constantly establish new connections through social media platforms to establish credibility.

9. Keep on making new friends and expand your network as well.

10. Update your site weekly and your social media sites daily.

11. Equally important, have a response mechanism ready in place to handle all inquiries / questions / complaints in a timely manner.

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social media for churches said...

I totally agree with all these points. I think many small business owners just start using social media because they feel they should.