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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Networking During the Holidays

Some marketing strategies get super charged during the holidays and others just fizzle. One of the best marketing strategies to use during the holidays is network. Just think about it - people are typically happier this time of year, they are more open and giving, and they are more social. What a perfect combination.

BUT WAIT! If you do not follow a few simple rules, this time of year can end up being the worse time for your business. So here are 3 tips to getting the most from your holiday networking.

1. Remember, the same people that you are being social with MAY be your next big client or refer you the next big client. Watch what you drink and say. Although you might be at a party, limit your alcohol consumption and be friendly, but stay professional. Avoid having too much and saying something or doing something that will hurt your reputation or leave the wrong impression in the minds of your new contacts.

2. Get to know people, but don't push business. People are more social now than any other time. Use this time to get to know them - not just about business. Ask about their family, holiday plans, favorite memories. Avoid going to a networking event with the typically networking attitude, slow down a little and learn about them.

3. Although it is the season to celebrate, don't forget about business completely. Find reasons why you might want to reconnect after the event and ask if you can contact them later. This will open the door to future business discussions when the time is right.

By using these 3 tips you will be able to meet more people, have them liking you and looking forward to talking with you at a later date. 

Kimberly Deas is a Marketing Consultant that specializes in custom designing marketing strategies, providing virtual marketing assistants and an online marketing software for business owners. You can reach her at www.PromozillaMarketing.com.

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