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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rural America Onshore Outsourcing

Small business owners can't always handle every aspect of what they need done in-house. Or, if they need to travel, they may are sometimes forced to defer their trips. "Somethings come up at work," they say, or "This just isn't a good time to get away. Someone's got to keep an eye on the shop."

Christopher Hytry Derrington's company Rural America OnShore Outsourcing has a solution. His company not only allows businesses to outsource the work they don't want to do, but enables them to do it in a way that saves them money and headaches. Whether a business needs a single programmer or a team of IT, BPO, or marketing specialists, RAOO's American workers can help. They speak the same language, work in the same timezones. No time lost.

The trick? RAOO's associates are based in rural areas, where salaries -- and the cost of living -- are significantly lower than urban areas...and it can pass those savings along to companies who purchase its services.

With business centers in 3 states and employees in 12, RAOO is growing quickly. RAOO is the only rural-based outsourcing company whose scope is national. They are recruiting talent in 12 states now and will add another 13 to that by year's end; a presence in all 50 is the goal for the end of 2011.

So...What does this mean for the small business owner? It means if he or she needs to get work done, doesn't want to be the one constantly supervising, and doesn't want to outsource abroad, he or she can arrange for RAOO associates to do the work. Highly qualified inexpensive trained professionals allow the small business owner to sleep well at night.

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