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Thursday, September 23, 2010

5 Key Questions for Mastering Marketing

Feeling frustrated with Facebook?

Have you picked up a nervous tick trying to figure out Twitter?

Does LinkedIn leave you feeling like you’re not part of the in-crowd?

What if we told you that you may be wasting your time treating symptoms when you should be focused on fixing the likely root failure … not having a well-defined answer to the following 5 basic questions?

1. Whom do you want to attract?

2. What is it that they need?

3. What do you have that satisfies their need better than the competing solutions?

4. Where do they go to find the solutions to satisfy their needs?

5. What will get their attention, grab their interest and get them to take action?

While you may have been led to believe that these social media stomping grounds are magic places where customers are just waiting for you to post a profile, in reality, they take work … dedicated, consistent work of time, quality and message.

So before you sign up for any social media mentoring, realize that most marketing problems are rooted in blowing past the basics in favor of trying to catch a buzz by dabbling in the latest trend.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are more than a trend; they are virtual places where your prospects congregate. Their population size and spending prowess are truly impressive.

But, again, if you don’t know the answers to the above 5 questions about the basics, it really doesn’t matter if you were given a coveted :30 second spot during Super Bowl halftime. If you have the wrong message going out to an audience that doesn’t fit with your offering, great visibility alone won’t bring you the business.

Stop for a moment and really take a look at your marketing communications. Is it confusing, conflicting or simply limp? Before you try to pretty up your image, know whom you are trying to reach and why they should care.

If you feel stuck coming up with strong answers to the 5 key questions, give your biz a break and contact us for help.

Doug Dolan
Small Biz Break
"give your biz a break"

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